Joining groups just got easier 

Users can now find and join groups from the dashboard. To join from the dashboard, users will scroll to the “Your Groups” section of the dashboard and tap the green “Join” button. This will pull up a list of all available groups. Your group will show up in this list if it is set to “Public” when you create a group. Only upcoming and started groups will show in this list. Completed groups will not be shown. 

How to create public groups

To enable joining from dashboard, set your group as “Public” in Step 1 of creating a new group. By default, all new groups are automatically set as “Public.” If you don’t want all users to find and join a group themselves, then you will need to switch your group to “Private.”

All the ways to join a group

In summary, users can now join groups in 3 ways:

  • Clicking “Join” button from the app dashboard and joining a group in the list. Note: only active and upcoming groups that are public will appear in this list.
  • By clicking on a challenge invite link that is shared by an admin, usually via email.
  • Admins manually adding users to a group in the Admin Center.
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