Our standard content feature allows you to upload your own articles, videos and posts to your challenge groups. There is also an option to include a brand or logo along with your content. This is most commonly used with clients who have partners or sponsors who are subsidizing the activity challenge. 

Why would I use it?

Many of our clients choose partners or sponsors who have a lot of content they'd like to share with participants. This content might align with the goals of your challenge or it could be useful information to your participants. If these partners provide you with content, you can put their logo next to it so they gain additional brand exposure and credit for their information. 

How does it work?

When you create your group, add a content module. When you select a content module, you will see a modal that asks if you'd like the option for branded content. Click "yes" if you want to include sponsor or partner logos with your content. 

If you say "yes," you will be prompted to upload brand information. We'll need the following information for each brand you want to include:

Brand name
Brand description
: Up to 195 characters to briefly describe what this organization or brand is.
URL: If we were to direct users to a page to learn more about this brand, where would you like them to go? Provide a URL to a landing page.
Logo: Provide a logo to appear next to the content. It's best to provide in .png format with a transparent background.

Uploading branded content

When your uploading content in the admin center, you will be able to select a brand logo from a dropdown. The brands you upload will appear in this dropdown.

How does it look in the app when a participant is viewing branded content?

It looks and works exactly like a normal content module but with the addition of a brand logo. 

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