To add a new team to your team leaderboard module, which you can do at any point throughout the challenge, head to the admin center, and click on 'Groups' from the top navigation bar. Then: 

1. Select your challenge group from the list of groups.
2. From the module manager, select "Team Leaderboard".

3. In the Team Leaderboard module manager, you can see all previously created teams. Select "Create a Team" to add another team. 

4. Enter the team name into the dialog box and select a team image. 

5. Create your team. Refresh your screen if you do not see your new team populate right away. 

6. To add members to a team, click on a team name, scroll down, and use the "Add Member" button. Your members must be in your group before you can add them to teams. 

7. To remove a member, select the box next to the member's name and use the "Remove" button. 

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