What is MoveSpring?

MoveSpring is Stridekick's new wellness platform. We will be retiring the Stridekick for Groups options by the fall of 2018. We are currently in the process of migrating all clients to the new platform, MoveSpring. Stridekick will revert back to a free user platform with challenges of up to 10 participants.

What are the differences between Stridekick and MoveSpring?

Stridekick does activity challenges best! As we gathered feedback from our multitude of clients of varying sizes, with varying goals, we began to realize that something was missing, and activity challenges were only a piece of the puzzle. 

With baseline activity challenges at its core, MoveSpring aims to enhance the participant experience by focusing on increased engagement, community, and custom content. We’ve found that the improvements and feature upgrades on the new platform have solved key pain points on Stridekick and more! 

The Structure

One key difference is the platform structure. Instead of joining into a challenge, users will be joining into a challenge group. With our modular technology, administrators have the flexibility to truly customize the challenge group experience. 


MoveSpring has both activity based and engagement based modules. The activity based modules serve as the challenges. We have streak, target, leaderboard, and team leaderboard, with the flexibility to customize with either step or active minute metrics. Our engagement based modules highlight sharing content and fun wellness quotes!


Utilize the group chat to talk with your peers. Motivate and encourage your fellow employees to work towards their health goals. Share photos, articles, or just say hi! 

The Migration

Users will be required to create a new account and connect a device on the new platform. They can do so by using either the web or mobile application. All user information will be captured from sign up forward.


Reach out to our support center from the MoveSpring app. Go to ‘Profile’, and click on the gear icon in the upper right to locate your settings. Scroll to the bottom, and select ‘Message Support’. You can also access support via the blue chat icon on the web.

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