Match the Mayor began in 2008 when our Mayor, KT, invited the Village to join him in his own personal quest to exercise more and eat healthier. Since then, thousands of teammates have participated in this yearly campaign to develop healthier habits.

Q: What is the Match the Mayor 11 challenge?
A: A four-week Village-wide challenge to reach 500 million steps to unlock a $25,000 donation to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Throughout the challenge, we will also focus on building our emotional fitness and reducing the stigma associated with mental health.

Q: Who can participate?
A: All teammates, family members, friends and pets are encouraged to join.

Q: When does the challenge start?
A: Registration officially starts Oct. 22, 2018. The challenge runs Nov. 7 – Dec. 7. The goal is to accumulate steps – the exact amount is up to you. Together we are aiming to reach a collective goal of 500 million steps. You can track your activity directly within the app, the MoveSpring website or link a fitness device.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Please refer to the instructions included in your on-boarding communication. Reach out to DaVita for more information.

Q: Okay, I’ve signed up. What do I do until the Challenge begins? A: Get familiar with the MoveSpring platform.

  1. Click the “Upcoming” tab under “Your Groups” for a peek into what to expect in the upcoming challenge.For more information, select “Group Details,” or to see who else has joined, select “View Participants.” 
  2. To edit your profile picture, time zone, username, or email, head to “Settings” (in the app, select “Profile,”
    then click the gear icon at the top right).
  3. Check into the chat before your challenge starts to see what your group is talking about. Encourage your
    friends, and post ideas and tips! We’re all in this together!

Q: What devices can connect to MoveSpring?
A: MoveSpring offers cross-device compatibility and supports most major fitness trackers. Click here to learn more.

Q: How do I connect my device?
A: Find your device from the selection of fitness trackers and follow the directions to connect your device to your MoveSpring account.

Q: How do I sync my device?
A: Open the MoveSpring app on your phone, or go to the MoveSpring website and click the green “Sync” button at the top right. In order to sync, you must have the MoveSpring app or website open. For detailed instructions, read this article.
Note: Apple watch and Google Fit users must sync steps from the app.

Q: The challenge is starting, how does it work?
A: Get moving! Your challenge group will move to the “Active” tab under “Your Groups.” Check in each day to track your progress and engage with your group. When you’re looking at your group on the dashboard, you’ll get a glimpse into each module and your progress. You can get more details by clicking each module, including how you stack up against others. To expand each module, click the <> icon in the upper right corner.
What’s more exciting is that you can check out KT’s blog and check in with other teammates who are also participating in Match the Mayor!

Q: Why should I chat?
A: Use chat to connect with Match the Mayor participants, post photos of your stepping journey, share links to your favorite new healthy recipe online, or simply add words of encouragement.

Q: Why am I receiving push notifications?
A: Push notifications allow you to keep up with the latest content posted, and stay up to date with the talk in a challenge chat. Click here for information on how to adjust notification settings in your MoveSpring account.

Q: What happens once the Challenge is over?
A: Each challenge has a three day grace period following the final day. This allows you extra time to get your final steps in. After the grace period, the MTM challenge will close and you can no longer be re-scored. The challenge will move to the Completed tab under Your Groups. It will stay there for several days in case you want to view your final scores once more.

Q: Where do I get more support?
A: Reach out to MoveSpring support by clicking your “Profile” and selecting “Contact Support” (app), or by clicking the blue dot icon at the bottom right of your screen (web).

For additional Match the Mayor XI questions, comments and stories, contact

The MoveSpring app is an OPTIONAL tool and not required by DaVita; teammates can OPT OUT at any time. Use of MoveSpring is made available for teammates’ convenience and benefit only. Use of the app is not compensable work. DaVita does not cover the cost of any charges incurred through the use of this app. WiFi is recommended.

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