Apple (Health App and Watch) and Google Fit users*:
MoveSpring syncs your steps data directly from the Apple Health app or Google Fit app on your phone. To sync your steps to your MoveSpring account you only need to open the MoveSpring app on your phone.
*Please note: Apple and Google Fit users must sync from the MoveSpring app (not the website).

All other devices:
MoveSpring syncs your steps data from your device's cloud server online (not directly from your device or the corresponding app). To sync your steps to MoveSpring you need to first make sure they're available in the cloud.

To do this: open your device app on your phone. For example, open the Fitbit app. Pull down the screen to refresh (touch the top of the screen and drag your finger down) and this will push your data into the Fitbit cloud.  Next, open the MoveSpring app and your steps will sync. 

General Syncing Information:
To sync steps data into your MoveSpring account you will need to open the MoveSpring app on your phone, or go to the MoveSpring website and click the green Sync button at the top right. MoveSpring cannot sync your steps data if you do not open the MoveSpring app or website. 

We recommend syncing several times a day to keep your data up to date in your challenges. All MoveSpring challenges have a 72-hour grace period after the challenge ends to give you extra time sync your final steps. 

If you are missing steps for multiple days in your challenge, please reach out to your challenge admin(s) for assistance. They can adjust any step totals, up to 30 days past, at their discretion.

If you do not see your activity update after several sync attempts, please reach out to MoveSpring support for assistance. We will assist you with any syncing questions. 

Watch this video to learn how to sync your steps via our mobile app:

Watch this video to learn how to sync your steps through our website:

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