MoveSpring cannot connect to SHealth. Unfortunately, Samsung has removed their connected services feature, which allowed you to sync your SHealth data with other apps. This means MoveSpring will not be able to directly connect your Samsung device or SHealth data with MoveSpring.

Options to Participate

Not to worry, you can still participate in MoveSpring challenges if you use a Samsung device or SHealth. Select from either of the two options below to participate:

Google Fit

You can download Google Fit for free from the Google Play store and set Google Fit as your device in MoveSpring. Google Fit will allow you to use your phone as a pedometer and will track steps, distance, and minutes totals for you.
You can download Google Fit here. Once you've downloaded Google Fit and created an account there, you can connect Google Fit to MoveSpring.

Manual Entry

If your challenge admins have manual entry enabled for your challenge, you'll be able to select “Manual Entry” as your device. Our Manual Entry option allows you to manually enter your steps from SHealth onto MoveSpring up to 5 days back.

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