Keep reading below or watch this video to learn how to use manual entry. 

Please note: It is up to your challenge administrators to enable manual entry. If you do not see this option under devices, it is not allowed for your challenge.

If you use a pedometer, don’t have a device, or your current wearable doesn’t integrate with MoveSpring, you can use manual entry to add your activity to join in on the fun. 

Just like any other device, when using manual entry, please make sure you enter totals regularly. We recommend entering totals every day if possible to maintain the most up to date stats in your challenge.

When using manual entry you can enter the past 5 days of data (the current day and the previous 4). You must enter each day's data individually. Do not add in sums of data over a period of time for one day. This will throw off challenge stats. 

Grace period rules always apply.  Once a challenge moves to the completed tab all scoring is final and challenge stats can no longer be updated. Any totals you add for the duration of the challenge will save to your MoveSpring account, but these will not update in your challenge. 

Follow the steps below to manually enter your steps into MoveSpring

  1. To select manual entry go to Settings in MoveSpring, tap the device field, and select manual entry from listed devices. If you're already on manual entry, skip this step.
  2. From the dashboard, select the Edit pencil icon in the top right hand corner.

3. Manually add your steps, distance and active minutes for today, then tap Save.

4. To enter previous day’s data select ‘Manually edit previous activity’
5. Tap the Edit pencil icon for a given day and enter your step, distance and activity data. Tap Save.

Switching your Device to Manual Entry

Whether you've forgotten your device at home or it's died at the office, there's no reason you should have to miss out on your activity. When you're switching back and forth between a wearable device and manual entry, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

  1. The MoveSpring platform does not combine your activity count between devices. When you switch to manual entry, you'll have to add your two totals together (your current total + the steps you're adding manually) and write the combined number into the manual entry field before saving.
  2. By default, MoveSpring will always keep the higher step count that's been synced for that day. Because of this rule, it's best to enter totals manually the morning after a day is complete so you don't unintentionally miss some steps when manually entering data. You'll just need to add yesterday's step count from your wearable device plus yesterday's steps that you need to enter manually. Once you've saved yesterday's update, you can reconnect your wearable device and continue syncing to MoveSpring.
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