Users become part of your challenge by entering your organization code when they first create their accounts. We recommend that you send a challenge link at the same time that you onboard new users. However, you don't have to send the challenge link. Providing users with your organization code still allows them to create their accounts, and this allows you to manually place them into challenges on the back end. This flow is the basis of how you can assign new users to teams. 

Follow the steps below to create your team challenge, send out onboarding communication, and add users to their teams before it starts. 

  1. Create your team challenge then create your teams.
    *Click here for an overview of how to create a challenge. 
  2. Structure your onboarding communication without including a challenge link. Simply tell users to download MoveSpring or go to, and to use your organization code to create an account.  
  3. Once all of your new users have joined using the org code, you can add new and returning users to teams through the admin center

Please note: 

  • The app will look blank to new users since you are adding them to the challenge later. We recommend keeping the onboarding time to less than a week so these new users don't get bored before you place them onto teams.
  • Users can still switch teams before the challenge begins. If you add them to teams a few days in advance, let them know not to switch. Alternatively, add them to teams the evening before the challenge starts. Users cannot switch teams once the challenge begins. 
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