Before proceeding, please confirm your organization's challenge admin is allowing converted activities. Each admin has the discretion to allow this data or not.

Accessing Manual Entry or Activity Override

Looking to count your swimming, biking, cycling, yoga, or other non-stepping activity toward your step challenge in MoveSpring? If so, you'll need to have access to manual entry or activity override. If you don't see the option to manually add totals from your dashboard, you may need to connect to manual entry first.

If manual entry and/or activity override isn't showing as an option for you, then no manually-entered activities are allowed for your challenge. If you don't believe this is correct, please reach out to your challenge admin for further information.

Adding Your Converted Steps into MoveSpring

  1. Convert your time spent performing a non-stepping activity* into steps using this conversion chart.

  2. Once you've synced the full day from your connected device, add your converted steps to the steps recorded by your device to find your new step total.*
    *Syncing from your device will stop for the day if totals in MoveSpring are higher than what your device is showing. Only add converted data to previous days or once you're finished syncing totals from your connected device.

  3. Head to your Dashboard and select Edit activity in the top right corner. If you don't see this option, connect to manual entry (Settings > Device > Manual entry) and then return to your Dashboard.

4. Select the pencil icon to update your step total to your new step total that includes your converted steps and steps collected from your device.

5. Select the green Save button to save your update.

*Please note that any walking, running, or other step-based activity is already collected automatically by your device. Make sure to only convert non-stepping activities to ensure you are not double counting your data.

Best Practices

  • Remember to track the time spent performing any non-stepping activities. You'll use this time to convert your activities into steps.

  • You can only adjust the past 5 days of data. Be sure to add your converted data into MoveSpring at least every 5 days.

  • Syncing from your device will stop for the day if totals in MoveSpring are higher than what your connected device is showing. To avoid confusion, we recommend manually adding your converted activities at the end of the day once you've finished syncing from your device or the following day so syncing from your device doesn't get interrupted.

  • If you switch your device selection to manual entry, please remember to reconnect to the device you were originally syncing from to resume syncing automatically.

  • Use this Activity to Step converter to calculate your approximate step totals for common non-stepping activities like swimming, bicycling, yoga, etc.

  • Do not convert the time you've spent walking, running, or performing other similar stepping activities that have already been tracked by your device. Conversion should be used for activities that aren't recorded as steps by a device.

Example: Adding 1 hour of yoga to your step total

Let's say you use a Fitbit to sync to MoveSpring throughout the day, and today you completed 1 hour of yoga that you want to count toward your step total. You wait until the following day to add your converted steps so you can get credit for all of your steps from your Fitbit as well.

Using this conversion chart, you calculate your converted yoga steps and then add your totals together as shown below:

⌚ Your Fitbit steps from yesterday = 7,000 steps

🧘 Your converted steps from 1 hour of yoga = 2,700 steps (42 steps/minute x 60 minutes)

👟 Your total steps for yesterday = 9,700 steps

You'll have access to update your totals up to 5 days back, so be sure to add your converted activity within the 5 day span.

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