Please ask your admin before proceeding with manually added activity. Each admin has the discretion to allow this data or not.

Users often complete many other activities in a day like yoga or bicycling that might not always translate into steps perfectly by their device. These users can manually add their activities to MoveSpring, if manual entry has been enabled as an option.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • MoveSpring will always keep your highest activity data numbers for the day
  • MoveSpring does not convert your activity for you
  • MoveSpring does not add your activities together for you
  • You will need to switch your device back and forth to manual entry so your connection is still authenticated and working
  • Your will need to have access to manual entry (Some clients do NOT enable this, which means you can't select this device)

Pro tips:

  • Convert and add your activity to previous days vs. adding the day of
  • Get into a habit of manually calculating and adding your data the next morning for the previous day
  • If you add your manual activity before the end of the day MoveSpring will keep that higher activity number. Therefore, your MoveSpring numbers will not increase until your physical tracker count surpasses the data you input on your dashboard. This is why you should wait until the next day to add your data.

Follow the steps below to convert and manually add your activity to MoveSpring.

  1. Log into your MoveSpring account
  2. Click the Profile tab
  3. Select the Settings gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the profile
  4. Scroll down to click next to the device you currently have connected to change your device
  5. Select Manual Entry
  6. Use this Activity to Step converter to calculate your activity into steps
  7. Sum your current data and additional activity data
  8. Save
  9. Head back to your Profile Settings to change your device back to your physical tracker.

Ex. You completed a spin class on Tuesday. You wait until Wednesday morning to make sure you've synced and have full data in for Tuesday. From there, you'll adjust your Tuesday count to 10k, adding their 3k steps from spin to their final 7k steps for the day prior.

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