1. To join a challenge from the MoveSpring dashboard, scroll down to the Challenges section of your dashboard and then click on the green “Join” button. 
  2. You’ll see a list of all available, public challenges within your organization from this page. Click the green “Join” button next to any challenge you want to join.
  3. A confirmation modal will appear with an option to review the challenge details. To confirm you want to join this challenge, click the green “Join” button again.

Once you’ve confirmed to join your challenge, it should now appear in your MoveSpring dashboard under your upcoming or active challenges depending on when your challenge was set to begin. 

If you don’t see your challenge listed in the available challenges to join, then you may have been sent a private join link via an onboarding email from your organization’s challenge administrator to join your challenge. 

Please check your email to confirm if this is the case or reach out to your challenge administrator for more details. You can also reach our Support Team by clicking the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner of this screen for more help.

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