What is an Org Code and Where Do I Enter It?

Learn what an org code is, where to enter it, and where to find one for your organization

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What is an org code?
An organization (org) code is a unique code set by your organization's challenge admin that allows users to sign up for a new MoveSpring account under a particular organization. The org code is linked to your organization so that all participants in your challenge are part of your organization. It also allows your organization to run programming that's geared specifically towards your group.

What if I already have a MoveSpring account with my organization?
If you've joined MoveSpring in the past with your organization, then you won't need to enter an org code again. Org codes are only used when signing up to MoveSpring. If you're a returning MoveSpring user, you'll just need select the green "Log in" button to log in.

Where do I find my org code?
Org codes can be found in the onboarding email sent out by your organization's challenge admin. If your organization hasn't purchased a plan with MoveSpring, you won't have an org code to enter and won't be able to create an account in MoveSpring. If you're interested in joining MoveSpring, you'll need to purchase a plan or reach out to your organization to see if they'd like to purchase MoveSpring for your group!

I have an org code and need to create a MoveSpring account. Where do I enter it?
New users who need to create an account in MoveSpring linked to their organization will need to enter their org code here:

To learn how to find this screen and create an account, please see this article.

If you have any other questions, please check out our other Help Articles or click the blue chat icon in the bottom righthand corner of your screen to chat with our Support Team. 

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