How Do I Connect My Xiaomi Device?

Use this article to connect your Xiaomi device to MoveSpring

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Xiaomi devices like the Amazfit Bip or Mi Band that connect to the Zepp Life app (formerly MiFit) can connect to MoveSpring through Google Fit for Android users and Apple Health for iPhone users. This connection will allow you to send steps from the Zepp Life app into MoveSpring.

After setting up your connection, please sync your steps by opening the Zepp Life app first > opening Google Fit or the Health app second > opening the MoveSpring app last. 

Please follow the directions below to learn how to connect! 

Directions for Android Users

Please note: You must already have the Google Fit app downloaded and an active account in existence before completing these steps.  Google Fit is available for free from the Google Play Store.

To connect your Xiaomi device with Google Fit:

  1. Open the Zepp Life app and select your Profile tab. From here, select Add accounts:

2. Select Google Fit:

3. Select Google Fit - Google Username to pair Google Fit with Zepp Life:

4. Follow the prompts to connect. Choose the Google account that’s connected to your Google Fit app and select Allow to confirm that you want to sync your data to Google Fit: 

5. See the confirmation that you’ve successfully started syncing steps to Google Fit!

Your Zepp Life app should now send steps to Google Fit to sync to MoveSpring. If you haven't already, connect Google Fit to MoveSpring and get stepping!

Directions for iPhone Users:

  1. Open the Apple Health app and select the Summary tab. Then, select Apps:

2. Select Zepp Life:

3. Make sure the Steps category under 'Allow "Zepp Life" to write' is toggled on:

Your Zepp Life app should now send steps to Apple Health to sync to MoveSpring. If you haven't already, connect Apple Health to MoveSpring and get stepping! 

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