How to Delete a Logged Activity

Learn how to delete a logged daily habit activity, manual activity, or converted activity

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Deleting Logged Activities in MoveSpring

If you logged a manual activity, converted activity*, or daily habit activity* by accident, not to worry! You can easily delete logged activities within the past 7 days.

When you delete a manual or converted activity entry, your activity totals will update in your dashboard and in any active challenges you are participating in. Deleting a daily habit activity will also remove it from your challenge scores.

*Note: The MoveSpring website ( will not allow you to delete converted and daily habit activities. You must access MoveSpring from the mobile app in order to delete these activities.

How to delete manual & converted activities

You can manage both manual activities and converted activities from your activity log.

  1. To open the activity log, head to your dashboard and select the floating “+” icon in the bottom right corner, or select the Add activity button:

  2. This will pull up the “Add an activity” overlay. Select View all logged activities from the bottom of the overlay to see a full list of your previously logged activities. You can also access this list by selecting “View all” from the Your Activity section of the dashboard.

  3. Select a manual activity or converted activity entry to view more details.

  4. To delete an unwanted entry, simply select “Delete this activity”:

  5. Click the “Yes, delete” button to confirm you want to delete the entry:

  6. Once your activity has been deleted, you’ll see a confirmation at the bottom of your screen confirming deletion:

Deleting daily habit activities

If you're participating in a daily habit challenge, you will have the option to log a daily habit activity from the MoveSpring mobile app. If you accidentally log a daily habit complete, you can delete the entry by marking that activity as incomplete.

After marking an activity as incomplete, it will update to an incomplete activity that you can swipe to complete once you've finished the activity. If your challenge is active, deleting an activity will also remove it from your challenge scores.

Deleting a logged daily habit activity from the mobile app

  1. If you're participating in a daily habit challenge, you will see a Log a daily habit section in your MoveSpring dashboard, just above your Challenges section. If you've already completed today's action, the logged activity should appear as completed.

  2. To delete this logged activity, select the activity and then tap on the green Completed button at the bottom of the screen.

  3. From here, you'll have the option to change the activity to incomplete by selecting Mark incomplete.

  4. To delete an activity for a previous day from your dashboard, select the activity from your Log a daily habit section and adjust the date accordingly (within the past 7 days).

  5. Mark the activity as incomplete.

Deleting a daily habit activity from your challenge in the app

  1. To delete a daily habit activity from your challenge, open your challenge by selecting View challenge from your Challenges section in your dashboard or from the Challenges tab. Locate your daily habit challenge mode.

  2. Select the activity nickname to open the custom activity overlay.

  3. From here, tap on the green Completed button to change today's activity to incomplete, or select a new date (within the past 7 days) first before selecting the Completed button to mark a previous day as incomplete.

  4. You can also delete activity from your Daily Goals Log. Select View stats from your custom activity challenge mode to open your challenge stats.

  5. Select the View logged activity button to open your Daily Goals Log. From here, you can view all of your previous daily goals and whether or not you completed the activity for the day.

  6. To delete an activity you logged within the past 7 days, select the date you logged the activity, select the Completed button at the bottom, and select Mark incomplete.

Learn more about daily habit challenges here.

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