Before You Connect

Before connecting Google Fit to MoveSpring, you must have the Google Fit app downloaded on your phone and have an active Google Fit account.  If it's not already preinstalled on your phone, the Google Fit app can be downloaded for free here. Please create an account in Google Fit first before following these steps. 

Connect Your Google Fit App to MoveSpring

  1. Open your the MoveSpring mobile app to your dashboard
  2. Select the menu bars at the top left corner
  3. Select 'My device' from the Utility Panel
  4. Select 'Android via Google Fit' from the list of devices. If you have a Wear OS device, you can select Wear OS by Google instead.

5. Allow MoveSpring to access your activity data by selecting 'Allow.'
6. Select the correct account associated with Google Fit.

7. Follow to prompts to give MoveSpring access to your physical activity, speed, and distance data. 

8. You'll now see a connection confirmation. Select 'Okay' to confirm.

Congratulations! Your Google Fit account is now connected! 

You can also learn to connect or change your device from this quick video:

To start syncing your steps from Google Fit to MoveSpring, please see this quick guide on syncing!

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