Watch a how-to video here: 

**You must already have the Google Fit app downloaded and an active account in existence before Google Fit will connect to MoveSpring

Login or Sign up for MoveSpring via our app (Google Play) or on the web.

If you already have an account navigate to

Or open the app and select your user photo from the bottom menu:

Select 'Settings' at the top right:

Scroll down and select your current device: 

Select 'Android via Google Fit' from the list of devices: 

Allow MoveSpring to access your activity data by selecting 'Allow': 

Next, make sure you give MoveSpring permission to access your location. Our app cannot sync your steps data if you do not grant this permission:

Select the correct account associated with Google Fit:

You'll now see a connection confirmation pop up on your screen. Select 'Okay' to finalize: 

Congratulations! Your Google Fit account is now connected! Now go get some steps!

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