If you find that your Fitbit isn't syncing steps to MoveSpring, it's usually one of three issues.

Problem 1: Your authorization token expired or was revoked from within the Fitbit app.

Solution: Reconnect your Fitbit device. You can do this by selecting 'Profile' then 'Settings', then your current device. Finally, choose the Fitbit option and reconnect.

Problem 2: Your Fitbit app isn't uploading data to the cloud.

Solution: This problem is usually intermittent or could be a result of temporary issues on the Fitbit platform. We recommend users hard close their Fitbit app, open it back up, and try syncing again. Fitbit usually posts any issues it's having on this page: https://status.fitbit.com/

Problem 3: During the sign-up process, you accidentally created a new Fitbit account (instead of logging in to your existing Fitbit account) or connected to the wrong Fitbit account.

Solution: Solving this issue is the trickiest to solve. Following these instructions should fix things.

1. [From desktop web browser] Go to http://www.Fitbit.com and sign-out of Fitbit.

2. [From desktop web browser] Go to movespring.com/profile/settings/device (make sure you are logged into your MoveSpring account) and click on Fitbit option.

3. [From desktop web browser] After step 2. you will be prompted to login to your Fitbit account. Make sure you login using your original Fitbit account.

If after you connect, you are still seeing MoveSpring reflecting "Fitbit Unknown" as your device on your profile page, this usually indicates you are still connected to the wrong account. Repeat steps 1-3 again and try any other Fitbit accounts you may have.

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