If you go more than 36 hours between syncs to your device app, we might miss some steps. We do this because we want to encourage everyone to sync regularly. Being in a challenge with someone who hasn't synced in a week isn't very motivating or fun at all!

To sync steps data into your MoveSpring account, you will need to open the MoveSpring app on your phone, or go to the MoveSpring website and click the green Sync button at the top right. MoveSpring cannot sync your steps data if you do not open the MoveSpring app or website. For more information on syncing please click here.

If you are missing steps for multiple days in your challenge, please reach out to your challenge admin(s) for assistance. They can adjust any step totals, up to 30 days past, at their discretion. 

If you forget to sync for a day, don't panic! Our support team will assist you with any syncing questions. Please reach out to MoveSpring support for assistance by selecting the blue and white help icon on the bottom right of the screen (web):

Or by navigating to your profile in the mobile app and selecting 'Need help? Tap here.' at the top left of your screen.

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