Team challenges can be set up in a few different ways; Users can join teams, create teams or be placed on teams. If you're looking to assign members to teams follow the instructions below. 

1. Create your team challenge.

2. Create all teams

3. Onboard your members to the MoveSpring app, if you haven't done so already!
You can onboard them with or without a challenge link

4. Go to your Challenges tab and select into the correct challenge.

5. Toggle over to the Manage Participants tab along the top left corner of the challenge page.
** You must add all participants to the challenge prior to being able to add them to their respective team***

6. Use the Add User button to add all members to the challenge. Select the name next to each user you wish to add.
***Once all members are added to the challenge, navigate back to the challenge main page.

7. Select users to add to the challenge and click Add to Challenge button.

8. Scroll down to the Team Leaderboard module and select Manage Teams:

9.  Select into the team of choice.

10. Use the 'Add User' icon to check the box next to all users you want to add to this given team.

11. Add all members to their respective teams.

It's important to remember that all users will need to first be apart of the challenge before you can add them to a team. If a user is removed from the challenge, whether they accidentally do it or it's done through admin, they must first be added to the challenge and then their respective team.

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