About Activity Insights

Activity Insights allows you to view your weekly, monthly and yearly averages for steps, distance and minutes. You can also see your all-time best days for steps, distance and active minutes. 

How to view your Activity Insights

To view the Activity Insights feature, you’ll need to navigate to your profile on the MoveSpring website. After logging in, click your profile picture and select your username in the dropdown menu.

Once on your profile, scroll down to view your Activity Insights card. Click on the Activity Insights card to view graphs, charts and more detail on your steps, distance, and minutes.

Unlock Activity Levels with your weekly average

Unlock one of seven activity levels based on your weekly activity average. Your weekly average is based on your daily activity average Monday through Sunday. Each week resets on Monday, so you always have a chance to reach Superstar status. 

Level 1: Warming Up

  • 0–4K Steps
  • 0–2.5 Miles
  • 0–10 Minutes

Level 2: Getting in the Groove

  • 4–7K Steps
  • 2.5–3.5 Miles
  • 10–15 Minutes

Level 3: Steadfast Stepper

  • 7–10K Steps
  • 3.5–5 Miles
  • 15–25 Minutes

Level 4: Workweek Hustler

  • 10–13K Steps
  • 5–7 Miles
  • 25–35 Minutes

Level 5: Furious Feet

  • 13–16K Steps
  • 7–10 Miles
  • 35–50 Minutes

Level 6: Movement Machine

  • 16–20K Steps
  • 10–15 Miles
  • 50–80 Minutes

Level 7: Superstar

  • 20K+ Steps
  • 15+ Miles
  • 80+ Minutes

Get a better idea of your trends over time by checking out your monthly or yearly averages. 

All averages are calculated from the beginning of the week, month, or year up to the present date. For example, on the first day of the week, your weekly average will be your total steps for that day, not your total steps divided by seven days. On Tuesday, your week average will reflect Monday + Tuesday divided by two.

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