When it comes to setting your activity module goals you're estimating! Challenge goals are a bit trickier where you must base your calculation off of estimated participation and estimated average user pace per day. Whether too high or too low, from time to time our calculations can be incorrect. Should you need to adjust your challenge module goal after the challenge has started please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log into the Admin Center
  2. Navigate to the Challenge tab
  3. Click into the challenge that needs to be adjusted
  4. Scroll down the Challenge Dashboard until you can see the current modules and goals.
  5. Use the Add Module button to add the new activity module with the updated goal. Reference: How to add/remove modules article for reference
  6. Once the new module is added, select the Remove Module button to remove the old activity module from the Challenge
  7. Reorder you're modules to reflect the correct order.
    Reference: How to edit the order of modules in the Challenge Dashboard
  8. Rescore the challenge to pull all user data into the new module
    Important note: do this in off hours as it will have a lapse in data recalculating.
    Reference: Rescoring article for reference
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