There are many ways that you can structure a team leaderboard challenge. Admins can now determine how teams are created and how users are placed on those teams. Additionally, you're able to set a team max size to limit the number of users on each team. 

Customize your team challenge settings in the Admin Center when you create a challenge. You can adjust these settings any time before your challenge start date.  

Follow the steps below to edit your team leaderboard settings.

  1. Log into the Admin Center at
  2. Click on the "Challenges" link, found in the top navigation bar
  3. Click into the challenge you wish to edit
  4. Scroll down the Challenge Dashboard to find your modules
  5. Select the "Edit Challenge" button in the Team Leaderboard module
  6. Scroll down to toggle on your preferred settings for: 

Maximum Team Size: Set a maximum number of people allowed per team.
User Created Teams: Do you want to allow users to create their own teams? If you don’t allow this, the admin will need to create all the teams for users to join.
Admin Assigned Teams: Do you want to assign who goes on each team you create? If not, users will be able to pick their own teams from the list you create. Note: you cannot have both user-created teams and admin-assigned teams.

If this is your first challenge with a team leaderboard, check out this article for team leaderboard best practices. 

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