User-created challenges are a great way to keep users motivated and engaging with the MoveSpring app without creating any work for you, the admin. 

Turning on user-created challenges allows users to make their own smaller challenges with just a few people. The user-created challenge participant limit 10 total users. Users are restricted to just 3 challenge modes: Streak, Leaderboard and Target. 

Benefits of user-created challenges:

  • Increase user engagement and participation by giving the participants more ownership over their challenge experience
  • A great way to fill the off-time between challenges without creating any work for admins
  • Users are more likely to consistently and continuously sync their data if there are more challenge participation options
  • Get the most out of your MoveSpring subscription with participants using the app year-round, regardless of your challenge schedule
  • Users are more likely to become champions of your wellness program if they are creating challenges with their coworkers and close friends at work

Have more questions about user created challenges? Reach out to your customer success manager or click on the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen to message support. 

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