With MoveSpring it's possible to stop users from joining a challenge after a certain date! You may wish to utilize this strategy due to the structure of your challenge and / or prizes. 

We'll start with the basics: all MoveSpring challenges allow late entry. This means that users can join the challenge all the way up to the last day of the challenge, unless you invite users to join the challenge using a specific process. Invite users to the challenge by instructing them to click the Join button on the user dashboard.

DO NOT use the challenge invite link if you want to stop users from joining a challenge by a certain date. The challenge invite link will allow users to join the challenge at any time for the duration of the challenge.

How to stop users from signing up on a certain date

  1. Create the challenge and set it to Hidden. You can set a challenge to Hidden during the creation process (Restrictions & Settings), or within the challenge dashboard in the admin center (Challenge Visibility).

  2. Instruct users to join the challenge by clicking the blue Join button from their dashboard. They will see your challenge listed and can easily join. 

  3. To stop users from joining update the challenge status to Hidden. This will prevent additional users from finding and joining the challenge. Update the challenge to Hidden within the challenge page in the admin center (Challenge Visibility)

How users can join challenges from the dashboard

To join from the challenge, users will scroll to the “Challenges” section of the dashboard and tap the blue “Join Challenges” button on the right or scroll further down and tap the "Join challenge" button. This will pull up a list of all available challenges. Your challenge will show up in this list if it is set to “Public” when you create a challenge. Only upcoming and started challenges will show in this list. Completed challenges will not be shown. 

Please reach out to MoveSpring support if you have any questions. 

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