Custom Activity Challenge Basics

A Custom Activity (or Daily Habit) Challenge is different from a challenge based on device activity data, which can be automatically tracked by a connected device. In a Custom Activity Challenge, you will need to manually log a daily activity set by the challenge creator from the MoveSpring mobile app.

Your connected fitness tracking device will not log custom activities for you, so you'll need to remember to log your activities from the app daily for your completion of an activity to count towards your challenge. Once you mark an activity as complete from the app, your completion will be scored into your Streak or Stick to it! challenge.

Note: While you can view logged activities on the MoveSpring web app, you will only be able to mark custom activities as complete in the mobile app.

How to Log an Activity

If you're participating in a Custom Activity or Daily Habit Challenge, you will see a Log an Activity section in your MoveSpring dashboard, just above your Challenges section. This is where you'll be able to quickly log any daily activities that have been specified by your challenge admin.

To log an activity from the dashboard, select the activity card and then swipe to mark the activity as complete:

After you're finished logging an activity, select View challenge to see updated challenge scores, or Done to return to your dashboard.

To mark an activity complete for a date within the past 7 days, simply change the date selection from here before marking your activity as complete:

To learn more about how to log your daily activities from the mobile app, click here.

Logged Activities are Scored Directly into Your Challenge

After you log an activity, the activity will be scored into your Streak or Stick to It challenge. If you select View challenge after logging an activity and then locate your Streak or Stick to It challenge card, you should see that your logged activity has been successfully scored into your challenge:

If you log an activity by accident and need to mark the activity as incomplete, that update should also reflect in your challenge scores.

Challenge Modes: Streak vs. Stick to it!

Custom Activity Challenges are compatible with two challenge modes: Streak and Stick to it! Each challenge mode asks users to complete a daily goal. In Streak, you should try to complete the daily goal as many days in a row as possible. In Stick to it!, you'll instead work towards a total number of completions, such as 10 daily goal completions over the course of a month. In Stick to it! challenges, it's okay if you miss a few days.

Example goal: Drink 6 glasses of water

  • In a Streak challenge, you would drink 6 glasses of water every day of the challenge, trying to never miss a day.

  • In a Stick to it! challenge, you would drink 6 glasses of water at least (ex) 15 times over the course of a (ex) 30-day challenge.

Important Reminders for Logged Activity Challenges

  • At this time, you can only log activities that are specified by your challenge admin. There isn't an option to log activities outside of a custom activity challenge.

  • It's important to remember to log your daily activities daily in order to keep your challenge scores up-to-date. You can only log activities within the past 7 days.

  • Due to the nature of logged activities, we cannot verify the validity of self-reported actions. Honesty is the best policy!

Learn More about Custom Activity Challenges

Learn more about custom activity challenges below:

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