How to Pull a Report

MoveSpring's reports give you insight when it comes to your challenge's participation and activity

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In the MoveSpring admin center, click on the Reporting tab from the side navigation bar:

On the left of the Reporting page, you'll see the types of reports you can pull, broken down into User, Challenge, and Engagement Reports. 

User Reports 

User reports are generated at the client level. A user report will include data about all of your users, regardless of which challenges they have been a part of. 

Challenge Reports

Challenge reports correspond to your challenges and are based on modules. If you ran a challenge with one Streak module, one Target module, and one Content module, you will be able to pull independent Streak and Target challenge reports for that challenge. 

Engagement Reports

Engagement reports will include data on user engagement in MoveSpring. You will be able to pull reports on engagement within a specific challenge chat, a Content or Daily Workout module, or on general engagement in the app based on total number of app visits, likes, comments and chat messages sent.

Pulling a Report

To pull any report, select the type of report you want to run, and click the green "Run Report" button to open up the dialog box. 

If you are running a Challenge Report, select the challenge for which you want to run the report. Select any subset of the challenge dates to see data from various time periods during the challenge.

'Group By' and Filters

If you included supplemental questions in your onboarding process, you can "group by" supplemental fields to see an overall picture of your population. Group by "None" to get a list of all of your users. 

Filters allow you to exclude certain groups of users, based on your supplemental data, to see a snapshot of different demographics within your supplemental results. 

Naming Your Report

Just before running the report, input an optional name as shown below to help you keep track of the reports you've already run:

Viewing a Report

After pulling a report, you should receive a notification that your report is complete at the bottom of the page as shown below:

You can also access all reports you've pulled from the 'Completed Reports' tab as shown here:

Note: Completed reports will be deleted every 90 days, so please be sure to save any reports you plan to reference in the future.


Contact our support team, or reference one of our other help articles on reports:

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