Creating a Team Challenge in MoveSpring

Team challenges are a great way to ignite some friendly competition and encourage your participants to connect with different users.

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About Team Challenges

We currently have two types of team challenges you can run: Team Leaderboard, and Team Virtual Race.

Team challenges are run based on averages. In Team Leaderboard challenges, the team with the highest average total steps, distance, or active minutes moves to the top of the leaderboard. In Team Virtual Race challenges, teams compete to see who can move the furthest distance, based on average progress by each team.

We score based on averages to promote fair competition for teams of varying sizes and activity levels. Participants in a team challenge will be able to see a leaderboard of teams (below, left), and a leaderboard of their own team members (below, right). They'll also be able to see team user stats for all competing teams.

How to Create a Team Challenge

Start by clicking "Create a Challenge" from the Challenges tab in the admin center. 

  1. Set your challenge details by creating a challenge name, image, description, prize, dates, and setting it to public or hidden.

  2. On the next screen, scroll to Team and Group Challenges and select either the Team Leaderboard module or the Team Virtual Race module, depending on which challenge you want to run.

  3. If you select Team Virtual Race, the metric is set at distance automatically. If you select Team Leaderboard, a pop up will appear on the screen. Under Challenge Metric & Goal select either Steps, Distance, or Active Minutes as the scoring metric and set an optional daily activity cap.

    Remember: Teams will be scored on average total steps, distance, or active minutes.

  4. Scroll down to Settings & Restrictions where you can customize your team challenge to set a maximum team size, enable user-created teams, or enable admin-assigned teams.

    By default your Team Leaderboard will be set to admin-created teams. This means only the admin can create teams (from within the admin center) and users will be able to join a team within the app. Learn more about Team Leaderboard settings here.

    Adjust settings as you see fit and click Next to finalize.

  5. Add any additional modules and follow the prompts to fill in any additional activity goals, if applicable. Challenges must include at least one module and can have a maximum of up to nine modules. Once you're done adding modules, click the green Save and Continue button.

  6. Review your challenge and click Finish to create.

  7. If you kept the default setting of admin-created teams make sure you create teams for users to join. If you opted for admin-assigned teams you will also need to add users to teams. If you selected user-created teams you may skip this step.

    Copy the challenge link now, or head to the new challenge to copy the link and add it to your onboarding communications. To view and use one of our team challenge communication templates, click here.

What Users Will See

Once users have initially joined the challenge, what they see will depend on how you configured your team leaderboard settings. 

  1. Admin-created teams: users will see an option to join an existing team (left image). 

  2. Admin-assigned teams: users will see a message noting that their admin will add them to their team (middle image).

  3. User-created teams: users will see an option to join an existing team or create a new team (right image).

Team Challenge Logistics: Creating, Joining, and Switching Teams

If you've allowed users to create their own teams, users will be able to create teams at any point for the duration of your challenge. However, once a user joins a team they will no longer be able to switch teams after the challenge has started. This is to prevent participants from switching to the leading team. 

Users looking to join teams will be able to search for teams by name, sort alphabetically, or sort by spots left on each team. Once a team is full, it will still appear in the list of teams but new users will not be able to join that team. 

All users will be allowed to switch teams up until the challenge begins. Once the challenge starts, users will have to contact you, the admin, to move to a different team. You may remove users from teams and add users to teams in the admin center at any point during the team challenge


Have fun, and let us know if you have questions about structuring or running your team challenge by contacting your customer success manager or our support team. Happy stepping! 

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