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End-User Support for Your Participants
End-User Support for Your Participants

This article outlines common questions you may hear from your users, and covers how you can answer when program or syncing questions arise.

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In this article, we help you understand when you can be a resource for your users, and when to send them to the MoveSpring Support team. 

Support Hours 

Our Support team is available during our business hours between 9am-5pm (US, Central Standard Time), Monday-Friday. Support is not a live chat, but we are always prompt with responses to ensure questions will be answered in a timely fashion. 

See how users can contact support through our mobile app here: 

See how to contact support on web here:

For all participant questions about your challenge dates, challenge settings, prizes, etc... please have them reach out to you, the admin directly! If they reach out to our Support team we will ask that they reach out to their main admin for clarification. If you have access to a program email (for example, we recommend including it in your on boarding instructions so your participants can get in touch easily. 

We have multiple resources for users to reference as they connect their devices. If they have any trouble connecting, they can reach out to our support team using the instructions at the bottom of any of our onboarding instruction templates. Once users are connected, they are responsible for syncing regularly to ensure their steps get into their profile and challenges. 

If users notice a day of steps that they weren't able to sync, we suggest that they switch their device to 'manual entry' in the app and edit the past five days of data. If manual entry is not allowed in your client, or they notice a day with 0 steps past that five day mark, they should reach out to their admin directly. In the admin center, you can edit the past 30 days of steps for your participants by searching for them in the Users tab and clicking into their profiles. 

If a user successfully connected a device, but is having trouble syncing, they can reference our help center, or reach out to our support team from the app or web with the instructions on the onboarding templates

If a participant cannot log in, is having trouble resetting a password, needs help changing their profile picture, or has questions about our app as it pertains to app functionality, they can reach out to our support team through our support chat using the instructions on the onboarding templates

If a user is having trouble logging in, but no longer has access to the email on their current account (ie the forgot password function will not solve), they will be required to reach out to their admin directly. From there the admin will need to confirm this participant is part of their group and reach out to our support team directly, through the blue chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the admin center, to request their participant's email is updated. The admin will need to share the full name, old email associated with the participant's account, and new correct email with our support team to get this fixed. Protecting your users' data is important to MoveSpring, and this ensures that the request is valid.

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