For all plans, we do not reimburse for charges incurred and unused time. If you paid for a yearly plan but want to cancel 6 months in, we do not refund you for the remaining 6 months.

Canceling an Essentials Plan

If you're on an Essentials plan, the account owner can initiate a plan cancellation in the Admin Center’s Account Settings page. Navigate here by clicking on your name in the top right of the navigation bar. Select “Account Settings” in the dropdown. Inside Account Settings, click on “Plan & User Limit” in the menu on the left. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says "Cancel Plan". Click the red button to notify the Customer Success team. 

The Customer Success team will reach out to explain when your access to the app ends and inform you of our data deletion protocol.

Canceling an Essentials Plan before the 3 month minimum

Essentials Plans require a 3 month minimum. If you cancel before you have met your 3 month minimum, you will still be charged through the end of the 3rd month. Service and access to the app will be turned off at the end of your final billing cycle, the end of the third month. Your user data would be deleted 30 days after that. 

Canceling your Pro or Ultimate Plan

If you're on a Pro or Ultimate Plan, send an email to or message MoveSpring support. We will work with you to fulfill your cancellation request.

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