How do plan cancellations work?

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Canceling a One-time Plan

There is no action required as an admin to end a one-time plan. One-time accounts will automatically be deactivated 21 days after your most recent challenge end date.

When an account is deactivated, all admins and users in your account will no longer be able to access the Admin Center, the MoveSpring mobile app, or the MoveSpring website.

Many clients host multiple challenges in a year. If you chose to run another one-time challenge or upgrade to a new plan, your account will be reactivated.* If you run another one-time challenge and still have an active platform license, you’ll only pay for the cost of user slots. If your platform license has expired, you’ll need to pay for user slots and the platform license.

*If you go 60 days or more without an active MoveSpring plan, all account data from your previous plan will not be maintained. Users will need to sign up for new MoveSpring accounts if you reactivate after this point.

Canceling Pro and Ultimate Plans

Pro and Ultimate plans both require annual commitments. If you're on an annual plan, you can cancel and we will not charge you in your next, annual billing cycle. We do not refund for unused time. We will terminate your account upon request and delete all user data after 60 days.

If you're on a Pro or Ultimate annual plan, contact your client success manager directly or email to cancel.

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