Rescoring a Challenge

What is a rescore, and what does rescoring a challenge do for my participants?

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Admins have the ability to rescore a current active challenge in the admin center. If a challenge is closed or not started yet, it cannot be rescored. 

What does a rescore do? 

When a user syncs to MoveSpring, we also score their data into any current challenges for the past 7 days. If a user does not sync for over 7 days, those past days beyond 7 days back will not be scored in the challenge. Rescoring the challenge will ensure that all totals in a user's MoveSpring account are registered in the challenge scores, even if those totals were not automatically scored during the challenge. Rescoring will do this for all users in the challenge for every day of your challenge.

Please note: Rescoring a challenge will not fetch data for a day showing 0's in a user's MoveSpring account. Totals need to be present in the user's MoveSpring account to be rescored. 

When to rescore a challenge

Prior to rescoring a challenge we suggest that you send out a sync reminder to your users via announcements or the content module. The best time to rescore a challenge is the grace period and at the end of the day. Once the 3-day grace period is over, the challenge will close and you cannot rescore, meaning all data is final. Rescoring a challenge at night allows users additional time to sync and get credit for their activity.

Please do not rescore a challenge each day. For longer challenges, we suggest once a month. For challenges running for less than a month, we suggest rescoring once during the grace period before the challenge officially closes. 

Be mindful that this can take some time to complete. The longer the duration of the challenge and the greater the number of users participating, the longer the rescore will take to fully process. 

How to rescore a challenge

You may have already seen the rescore button on each of your challenge's pages. To rescore a challenge, click into a challenge from the Challenge tab. Just above your Participant Summary section, click the grey button the reads “Rescore”. Read the information in the box, and select “Rescore Data” to initiate. A rescore may take several minutes. 

Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions about rescoring a challenge. 

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