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How to Add and Remove Challenge Modules from the Admin Center
How to Add and Remove Challenge Modules from the Admin Center

How do I add or remove a module from my challenge?

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If you need to add or remove a module in a challenge, you can do so from the MoveSpring Admin Center.

First, log in to the Admin Center, and click the Challenges tab in the side navigation menu.

Then, select your challenge from those listed:

Scroll down within your selected challenge until you see the challenge modules listed:

To remove an existing module:

Click the Remove Module button:

Select the modules you would like to remove by clicking the box to the left of any module to be deleted. Once done, click Remove Modules as shown:

These modules will now be removed from your challenge.

Note that if you are removing a module from a challenge you created via a challenge template, certain scheduled in-app challenge announcements might refer to the challenge modules and goals/metrics included in the template, so we highly recommend reviewing announcements and making edits as needed.

To add a new module to your challenge:

Click the Add Module button:

Depending on your subscription plan, you'll be able to click the Select button next to each module to introduce this content to your challenge:

Depending on the module selected, a pop up box may appear with a brief note describing what the module does or asking you for a metric you'd like to use (steps, distance, minutes, or logged activity). Confirm your selection to add your new module to your challenge.

If you need help with this process, please reach out to our support team (available from 9 AM to 5 PM CST)!

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