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How to set a goal for a group challenge
How to set a goal for a group challenge

How to set a goal for Group Target, Group Target Fundraiser, and Group Virtual Race challenge modes

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Group challenge modes are a great way to get all of your users working together towards a common goal. You set one overarching total steps, minutes, or distance goal for all users to reach together.

Setting the right goal for your group challenge is crucial to its success, so in this article, we'll outline how to create a realistic goal for your users to reach for Group Target, Group Target Fundraiser, and Group Virtual Race challenges.

How to set group goals

When running a Group Target, Group Target Fundraiser, or Group Virtual Race challenge, there are three things you'll take into account when setting your group goal:

  1. Estimated number of participants

  2. Average user activity per day

  3. Duration of challenge (in days)

The equation you'll use to determine your group goal:

Est. # of participants X Average user activity/day X Total days of duration

You can manually calculate your goal using the above formula. You can also use our handy calculator that is built-in to the MoveSpring Admin Center when setting Group Target or Group Virtual Race goals specifically.

When setting any Group Target or Group Virtual Race goal, simply click the "Help me calculate a goal" text:

This will bring up the calculator, where you can enter your expected participant count and average user activity per day:

The calculator will use your values along with the chosen challenge duration to calculate a recommended total. Simply click "Apply recommended goal" to use the suggested value, or click "Go back" to close out the calculator without applying the goal.

Determining your number of participants and activity averages

Determining the estimated number of participants

How many users do you anticipate participating in this challenge? A great way to get an estimate is to look at your Challenges tab in the Admin Center to gather an average participation rate. What is the average number of participants you see across all the challenges you've run? You can also run challenge reports to average out an exact participant count.

Pro tip: We suggest estimating towards the lower end of the average participation numbers. This way you can take slow sign ups and infrequent syncing into account.

Is this your first challenge? Estimate that you will get 40% of your total participants in this challenge. If you find that many users are signing up, that's great! You can always adjust your goal based on the final participant numbers a day or two before the challenge starts.

Determining your average user activity per day

How many steps, distance, active minutes do you think your users will average each day of the challenge? You can reference the User Report in the Admin Center to help you find these numbers.

In the Admin Center, go to the Reports tab in the side navigation menu. Run a User Report based on the date range of your most recent challenge.

Download the User Report. Take the average of the Average Steps, Average Distance, or Average Active Minutes column.

First challenge? No user data yet? Here are a few safe averages to reference:

  • 5,000 steps per day

  • 20 active minutes per day

  • 2 miles per day

Please reach out to your client success representative should you wish to discuss setting a group goal further. We can help to estimate and calculate!

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