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What is a Client Waiver and How Do I Add This Feature?
What is a Client Waiver and How Do I Add This Feature?

Read this article to learn about waivers and to get information on how to add this feature

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When creating a MoveSpring account each user is required to agree to MoveSpring’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. A waiver allows clients to require that users agree to their own terms of use as well. 

Waivers must be uploaded into MoveSpring before you onboard users. There is no way to require existing users to agree to the terms in your waiver. 

There is no text limit for a waiver so you can include all terms and conditions that apply. When finalizing copy for your waiver consider asking your internal legal department to weigh in as well.

How do I upload a waiver? 

Once you have finalized the language in your waiver you will need to send the following to your client success manager. 

  1. A PDF copy of your waiver

  2. The text you would like to accompany your waiver

Once sent, your client success manager will upload your waiver into MoveSpring. Generally, this can be done within one business day.

Example waiver and accompanying text

Please read and agree to the [company name] terms of use.

“The app is an OPTIONAL tool and not required. Employees can OPT OUT at any time. Use of MoveSpring is made available for employees’ convenience and benefit only.

Use of the app is not compensable work. [client name] does not cover the cost of any charges incurred through the use of this app. 

Click I agree to attest that you have reviewed and understand the Terms & Conditions”

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