Should I Enable Friends?

An explanation of the benefits of enabling Friends for your users

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MoveSpring’s Friend feature allows users to add other participants within their organization as friends inside of the app. Users send friend requests that other participants can accept or deny. Once users are friends, they can view a daily leaderboard of their friends' activity stats and send them direct chat messages. 

The introduction of friends brings new levels of engagement for your users, giving them even more reasons to check in daily and stay motivated. Allowing Friends opens the door for new connections and a chance to build a wellness community within your organization. This is especially great for organizations with multiple locations or remote employees! 

A little friendly competition goes a long way. Daily users can view their friends' leaderboard to see where they stand based on steps, distance and active minutes. Friends will keep your users coming back to the app, even when there isn’t an active challenge.

Direct messages give your users the opportunity to connect with others within your organization who they might not get to see or work with in the day to day. This cultivates a sense of community and opens the door for new friendships. 

Worried about Privacy?

Don’t be! We understand some users may want to have their stats visible, while others prefer to be private. Users have the option to make their profile public, private or friends visible only and can accept or deny any friend request received! 

If you have further questions around MoveSpring’s Friend feature, please reach out to your client success manager to connect.

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