What is the Supplemental Feature?

Learn how to use our Supplemental feature to manage users in MoveSpring

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What is our Supplemental Feature? 

Our Supplemental feature allows admins to request additional information from users, such as their department or location, as they create their MoveSpring accounts under your organization. 

Clients with a Pro level plan can add up to 2 custom Supplemental fields, while clients with an Ultimate level plan can add up to 5 custom Supplemental fields.

Benefits of Using our Supplemental Feature

After setting up our Supplemental feature, admins can easily manage members for challenge and team assignments, as well as analyze segmented user data. Add users to challenges or teams by their answer to Supplemental fields. You'll also be able to sort or filter users by Supplemental via reports within the Admin Center. 

Customize Your Supplemental Feature to Fit Your Needs

Our Supplemental feature is fully customizable. As an admin, you'll have the option to choose what you ask and how each user will answer it.  These questions can be mandatory or optional fields to fill out. You can also choose to make answers editable via Settings within the user app. 

Supplemental Question Types

  1. Dropdown* - Users choose from a list of dropdown responses that you provide.

    For example, allow users to choose their office location from 5 different dropdown options: Chicago, Austin, New York City, Nashville, and Seattle. 

*Note: This is the only question type that allows you to add users to challenges and teams, so we highly recommend this option!

2. Radio button multiple choice - This field type allows your users to choose from a set of provided options.  Each user can only select one field.

3. Open text field - This field allows your users to type in their own response to your question.

When Can I Add Supplemental Fields? 

We recommend setting up your Supplemental questions before users begin to onboard. This ensures that users are prompted to answer these questions while creating their MoveSpring account. It is possible to add Supplemental after onboarding users, but implementing this feature before the onboarding process ensures that all users will be prompted to answer. 

If you set up Supplemental questions after your onboarding has occurred, your users will not be prompted to provide a response. In this scenario you have two options:

1. Admins will need to manually update supplemental responses from the Users tab in the MoveSpring Admin Center. Just tap the "Edit Supplemental" button shown below and then tap the green "Save Changes" button when you're finished adjusting. 

2. Set up your Supplemental field to be editable and direct users to answer via Settings within the user app. 

*Note: With this option you will likely have users who do not complete this step to answer Supplemental. You can use reporting to find which users have not answered, and either edit in their Supplemental information directly within the Admin Center (see above), or send an email reminder to encourage users to complete this step.

What Will Users See? 

When Supplemental fields are set up for your client account, your users will be prompted to provide responses to those fields during account set up. 

You can see a sample view of what a user would see below during onboarding:

Supplemental Fields In Action

With Supplemental fields set up, admins will be able to use those responses to create segmented challenges, assign users to teams, organize their user data, and more! 

For example, an admin may want to set up a Team Leaderboard challenge based on the location each user provided. In the screenshot below, you can see how easy it is to add all team members who provided "Chicago" as their location to one team.


If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team. Our Support Team can be reached by clicking the blue chat icon in the lower righthand corner of this article.

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