How to Access Your Profile

Access your profile on the MoveSpring mobile app by selecting the Profile icon from the bottom navigation bar: 

View Your Historical Activity Data

Your user profile allows you to access your historical step, distance, and activity data. Once you’re viewing your profile, just make sure you’re viewing your “Activity” tab shown below. 

Swipe to the right and left to view your weekly, monthly, and yearly activity averages and totals, and scroll up and down to view different metrics such as distance or active minutes. You’ll also see some fun stats appear below each card, such as your Personal Best days and your most active day of the week! 

Your Challenge History

Your user profile also allows you to view your current and archived challenges. Just tap the "Challenges" tab. 

For all current challenges, you’ll be able to view scores 60 days past your challenge end date. After 60 days, the challenges will be archived and their scores will no longer be accessible, but you’ll still see a record that you participated in the challenge here in your profile. Click on any challenge here to view the challenge details for that challenge. 

Access Your Badges

Take a look at the badges your hard work has earned you! From you Dashboard, you can scroll all the way down, click View all badges, and from there, you can see all the badges you have earned and the ones you can earn. Learn more about badges here!

Edit Your Cover Photo

Upload a cover photo to add more flair to your profile! Your cover photo will be visible to all users in MoveSpring, just like your username and profile picture. Simply tap the camera icon in the top right of the cover photo to edit.

Access Your User Account Settings

Tap the settings gear icon in the top right of the cover photo to access your user account settings. From here, you can edit your username, password, email, time zone, profile picture, change your device, adjust your profile privacy, message our support team, and more. Click here to learn how.

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