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Scoring Guide: Leaderboard and Team Leaderboard Challenge Modules
Scoring Guide: Leaderboard and Team Leaderboard Challenge Modules

Learn how the Leaderboard and Team Leaderboard modules are scored

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Here we describe scoring for each of our Leaderboard challenge modules! You’ll also find an FAQ section at the bottom to address some of our most common scoring questions.

Leaderboard Scoring

The Leaderboard module ranks individual users from high to low based on their total steps, distance, or active minutes moved over the course of their challenge so far. This total is found by combining each user's daily steps, distance, or minutes for each day of the challenge so far.

Team Leaderboard Scoring

The Team Leaderboard module ranks teams from high to low based on a team’s average total steps, distance, or active minutes moved to date. Averages are used instead of totals to account for teams of various sizes.

First, we add up every team member's total activity. Then, we add everyone's totals together for a large, team activity sum. Then, we divide this number by the total number of team members.


  • Team Member 1: 150,000 total steps

  • Team Member 2: 100,000 total steps

  • Team Member 3: 300,000 total steps

Total Team Steps = 550,000

Total Team Members = 3

Average Total Steps = 550,000/3 = 183,333

Frequently Asked Questions

Will non-syncing users impact my team’s score?

Users who aren't syncing any steps, distance, or minutes will count towards their team's activity average, as those zeros will also be calculated into the team's average as well.

Why does a team with only 1 member have a higher activity average?

Teams with 1 member represent the average of a single team member, which may result in that team having a higher average score compared to other teams with multiple members. Please reach out to your organization’s challenge admin with any concerns about this, as your challenge admin is in charge of team management.

I synced, but my team score didn't update correctly. Why not?

When you sync your device to MoveSpring our system will attempt to pull in the last 30 days of data. However, your challenge is only actively scoring the last 7 days. If you go more than one week without syncing it’s possible your totals will update within your MoveSpring account, but not all totals will be scored in the challenge. For this reason, we recommend syncing daily to maintain accurate challenge scores.

The challenge has ended. Can I still sync to get credit for my data?

All MoveSpring challenges have a default grace period of 3 days to allow users to sync any final totals before your challenge officially ends. If your challenge is past that 72-hour grace period, all scores are final. Your challenge admin may also choose to end the challenge before the grace period; in that case, all scores are final as soon as your challenge admin ends your challenge. For this reason, we recommend syncing daily to maintain accurate challenge scores.

How is the new team scoring different from the old team scoring?

Our old scoring was based on daily averages, rather than total averages. We previously calculated each team's daily average activity by combining the daily activity of each team member to date, and then dividing by the number of team members on the team and then again by the number of days in the challenge so far. The new scoring is a total average instead of a daily average—it's basically one less calculation!

This means that you will see your team's totals either increase or remain the same every day, whereas with the old scoring, scores might decrease if team members synced in lower totals or no totals later in the challenge.

The new scoring is more closely aligned with how we score our other challenges, and we think it will be more fun! It will not change the outcome of the leaderboard, and you will be able to see your team's overall totals over the course of the challenge instead of just a daily average.

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