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Troubleshooting Videos in the Content Module
Troubleshooting Videos in the Content Module

Learn how to troubleshoot adding YouTube and Vimeo videos in the content module

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Content is key to engaging your users and provides a more well-rounded challenge experience. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps you can take if your video results in a "Video Unavailable" error message within the MoveSpring app.

Uploading Videos in the Content Module

To share a video in content, you'll typically want to select the "Video" option when uploading your content as shown below:

This will allow you to embed the video directly into the content module by pasting a valid https:// link for the YouTube or Vimeo video you want to share.

If you embed the video using this method, your video should appear like this below within your content module in your challenge:

When your users press the red play button on the video, they'll be brought to a full screen view of the video to watch.

Troubleshooting the "Video unavailable" message

When you choose to upload videos via the content module, we recommend testing the videos you selected first in a test challenge in order to make sure the video can be embedded.

Note: If you're uploading a video from our Content Library, this does not apply, as our team tests all videos before adding them to the Content Library.

This is because some YouTube videos have the embedding option disabled. If this is the case, this "Video unavailable" message may appear after pressing the red play button shown above:

How to Solve

If this happens to one of the videos you want to use, don't worry! You can still share the video successfully by uploading the video as an "Article" instead as shown here:

This option will link out to the video instead of embedding to avoid this error message. Here's what your users will see if you select the "Article" option instead to share your video:

Users will just need to select the green "View" button to watch your video instead. Problem solved. πŸ‘


Please see our other articles on uploading content or contact our support team.

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