Activity Caps in Challenges

Learn about activity caps and how they will impact your challenge scores

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What is an activity cap?

Activity caps limit the total number of daily steps, distance, or active minutes that you're able to score into a particular challenge mode. The cap is set by your organization's challenge admin on a per challenge basis. Caps are applied to each unique challenge mode.

For example, if you're in a challenge with a Leaderboard and a Streak, there may be an activity cap for your Leaderboard but no activity cap for your Streak.

You may also have two different activity caps in one challenge. Let's take the above example of a challenge that includes both a Leaderboard and a Streak. The activity cap on the Leaderboard may be a maximum of 50,000 steps/day. However, the Streak challenge may have a 200 active minutes/day cap.

How do I know if there's an activity cap for my challenge?

On the mobile app, just tap into each challenge module to view if there's an activity cap in place as shown below:

The challenge details page will also indicate whether or not an activity cap is in place for each challenge module:

Why is there an activity cap for my challenge?

Your organization's challenge admin may choose to include an activity cap to discourage cheating or to even the playing field among participants in your challenge. Activity caps can also provide a more engaging competition for participants who may feel discouraged when compared to the higher activity counts of others.

If you have questions about the activity cap set for your challenge, please contact your organization's challenge admin.

How are activity caps applied?

Your activity data from your account will only be scored up to the activity cap maximum. This means your challenge scores won't show anything higher than the activity cap set for the challenge mode.

For example, if you're participating in a Leaderboard challenge mode with an activity cap of 40,000 steps but your account data is reflecting 43,000 steps, you'll receive credit for 40,000 steps in the Leaderboard. Any additional data in your account will not be reflected.

Will my personal account data be affected?

The rest of your account data will not be affected by participating in a challenge with an activity cap. Your daily activity, personal trends and insights, Friends tab activity, Badges, and any other challenges will not be affected by participating in a challenge with an activity cap.

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