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Navigating the Challenges Tab

Quickly locate your challenges and challenge invites from the Challenges tab

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Viewing Challenges in MoveSpring on the Mobile App

There are 2 options to view your challenges in the MoveSpring mobile app: from the dashboard or from the Challenges tab. This guide will review how to access your challenges from the Challenges tab.

Accessing the Challenges Tab

Tap on the Challenges tab as shown below to access the Challenges tab:

From here, you'll notice a blue + Join/Create button that you can select to view any available challenges or create a challenge. You'll also be able to select Your Challenges or Invites as shown below:

Viewing your Challenges

From the Your Challenges section, you'll see all your challenges.

Scroll vertically to view all challenges listed here and tap on a specific challenge to view the challenge page:

After selecting a challenge, you can scroll vertically to navigate through your challenge cards and content.

If you would like to see more details about a specific card within your challenge, tap View stats just below the corresponding section as shown here:

To return to your main challenge page, select the back arrow at the top left of your screen.

Completed challenges will show in the Challenges tab for 14 days. If you wish to view a completed challenge that ended more than 14 days ago, navigate to your Profile and toggle to Challenges.

Viewing Challenge Invites

From the Invites section, you'll see a list of all user-created challenge invitations. You can accept or decline any invites from here. Just tap the green View invite button to view the challenge details. Then, review the details and tap Join challenge as shown below to join:

After joining, you should be able to view the challenge in the Your Challenges section.

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