One common scenario you'll want to avoid while running a team challenge is having teams of one user or teams below your team minimum.

Since our team modules are based off of averages, any teams of one will have an unfair advantage because that user's data isn't being averaged against any other team member's data, especially if they're already a generally high stepper. Smaller teams that don't meet your set team minimum may also have this advantage.

Admins will typically put a rule in place that by X date, commonly 7 days into the challenge, any teams with just one member will be merged into their larger general participant team.

Follow the instructions below to move participants on non-qualified teams to your general participant team:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Center

  2. Click into the Challenges tab

  3. Select the challenge with your "Team Leaderboard" or "Team Virtual Race" mode

  4. Scroll down and select "Manage Teams"

5. Find your teams of 1 and select the box next to their team.
Pro tip: Hold down Command + F to search for the #1, or your minimum amount of participants required per team.

6. Select the Remove button to delete all teams of 1 user, or your minimum amount of participants required per team.

7. Once all teams under the team minimum required are deleted, click into your general participant team.

8. Toggle over to the "Team Members" tab

9. Select the "Add users to team" button

10. Check the "Add all users" box and then click the "Add to Team" button

Note: This will add all remaining users who aren't yet on a team to your general participant team as well.

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