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Navigating Content in a Challenge

Learn how to access, like, and comment on content shared in your challenge

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Do I have content in my challenge?

Some challenges include a custom content section where challenge admins can share updates, articles, videos, and more. These custom content sections will appear within your challenge and will look similar to this on the mobile app:

On the MoveSpring website, you'll also be able to view content, but the content section will look similar to this instead:

If you have a section like this in your challenge, keep reading to learn how to navigate the content section of your challenge.

Note: Not all challenges will include a content section. This section may not be available for your specific challenge.

Navigating Content on the Mobile App

How do I access and view my content on mobile?

You can access your content from your main challenge page. To access your challenge page, open your mobile app to the Challenges tab.

Then, scroll down to locate your challenge and select View challenge as shown here:

Once you're on your challenge page, scroll down until you see your content section. Swipe horizontally to view additional content posts, or select View all to see all previously shared content:

After selecting View all, scroll down from here to view all previous content posted in your challenge. The most recent posts will be displayed first:

How do I like or comment on a post that was shared on mobile?

To like or comment on a post, simply tap the heart or comment icon underneath a specific post. After selecting the comment icon, you can draft and post your comment as shown below:

How do I delete a comment I've shared?

To delete a comment you've shared, press and hold on the comment you want to delete. Then, tap Delete comment and confirm by tapping Yes, delete as shown below:

Note: You can only delete comments shared from your account.

How do I view the participants who liked a post?

To view the participants who liked a specific post, press and hold on the heart icon. An overlay should appear with a list of participants who liked that post:

Navigating Content on the MoveSpring Website

How do I access and view my content on web?

After logging into the MoveSpring website, you can view your content by scrolling down to Challenges from your Dashboard. From your content card, you can click the title, description, or image to open up the designated article, video, or post.

Note: If you don't see your content card after scrolling down to your challenge, you may need to scroll horizontally to view the remaining cards. In addition, not every challenge will contain content.

How do I like or comment on a post that was shared on web?

To like a content post, you can simply click the heart icon. To comment on a content post, you can click the comment icon. From there, you'll be redirected to a new page in which you'll be able to type in your comment and select Post.

Note: You can't delete a comment or view who liked a post on web. This feature is only available on mobile.

How can I view all of the content?

To view all previously shared content, you can select View all content from your Dashboard. From there, scroll down to view all of the content that has been shared for your challenge. For articles and videos, you can select View or click the article's title or image to be redirected to the designated content.

Other questions?

For additional assistance, please contact the MoveSpring support team.

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