How can I purchase add-ons?

Learn about our optional add-on services for an additional cost

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MoveSpring add-on options

When activating MoveSpring, you might consider our optional add-on services for an additional cost: single sign-on (SSO), API access, eligibility verification, and co-branding.

Please email your client success manager or email for more information about these add-on options.

Learn more about each option below or from our pricing page.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Sign up using existing organization credentials or login. Billed annually.

API Access

Pull user data from MoveSpring and display that data in your system/platform. Billed annually.

Eligibility Verification

Verify a user against a uniquely identify eligibility file, such as an employee ID, to determine if a participant qualifies for the program. Users who don't provide a valid eligibility entry will not be able to continue the onboarding process. Billed annually.


Show your logo and brand color at the top of the app dashboard.

*Note: Included with Ultimate plan. Optional add-on for One-time and Pro plans.

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