Whether you need help with your first challenge setup or in-depth admin training and programming advice, we have options for you. We offer these add-on services to help you launch smoothly and to save time on program administration. We have two services that you can add onto your plan for an additional cost.

Premium Onboarding ($500)

If you need help with planning and creating your first challenge, consider adding premium onboarding. With the Premium Onboarding add-on, a client success representative will book a 60 minute call with you to discuss account and challenge configuration, timeline, and best practices. At the end of the call, your client success manager will create your challenge and customize your onboarding communications for you to distribute via email to all eligible participants. Review detailed on what's included below.

What's included:

  • Information collection on your team's goals, background, and vision for the upcoming challenge

  • A discussion on challenge structure and best practices

  • Answer and resolve any pending questions or concerns

  • Account configuration assistance: supplemental data capture, branding, eligibility (dependent on features added onto your plan)

  • Creation of your challenge

  • Customized email communications with information on how each user will sign up

  • Email support post premium onboarding call

Your client success representative on your premium onboarding call will be your main point of contact after the call. You can email them with any questions that may arise. This is our most popular add on, especially with one-time challenge clients.

Admin Training ($500)

The MoveSpring Admin Center has all the tools necessary to run your wellness program. If you are looking for support in understanding all tools available in the Admin Center and how to use them for a successful program, you will want to consider adding on Admin Training. When purchased, a client success representative will arrange a call to screen share and walk you through the Admin Center and our best practice programming tips. By the end of the meeting, you should feel comfortable creating challenges, pulling reports, and using our in-app communication tools. View below to understand exactly what this service will include.

What's included:

  • Full overview of all features accessible in the Admin Center

  • Step-by-step process to create a challenge that you will follow live

  • Review account configuration and app settings (manual entry, notifications, etc.)

  • Walk through how Reporting works and which reports to reference for specific sets of data

  • Highlight our engagement features and review how to schedule announcements and campaign content

  • Preview of our Content Library that covers varying wellness themes: meditation, gratitude, financial wellness, etc.

  • Email support post training call

Please email your client success representative or email clientsupport@movespring.com to access these add-on features.

If you do not purchase either of our service features, your account will run self-service. In this scenario you, will still have access to our Help Center and YouTube channel, which contain articles and videos that walk you through varying topics such as challenge creation, reporting, etc. The resources section within the admin center also has additional guidance.

For self-service clients, your direct contact will be our customer support team. You can message them via in-app chat or via email at help@movespring.com for any questions that may arise. Our customer support team is available M-F 9am-5pm CST and will get back to you as soon as they can!

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