Racetrack Creator specs: map scenes

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Understanding map scenes

When you create a custom map using the Racetrack Creator, you'll be required to upload images as scenes for your map. Each scene should be uploaded individually, and the Racetrack Creator will stitch each scene together to make up your map.

As an example, here are 6 individual images that could be stitched together to create a map:

Each of these images would need to be uploaded individually into the Racetrack Creator. The Racetrack Creator would then combine each image together to form a cohesive map, like the map below:

Note: Racetrack paths & milestones are added on top of the images you upload. DO NOT include a path or milestone markers in the images you upload.

Preparing your scenes

We suggest gathering all of your images ahead of time so that your custom racetrack creation is a smooth and seamless process. To help you collect and prepare your images, please review the scene specs below.

Scene specs


Each map scene will appear at 750px wide x 872px tall. You can crop each individual image to this size before uploading it to the Racetrack Creator or you can use our file uploader tool to crop any image to these dimensions if needed.

Number of scenes

A minimum of 3 scenes are required, with a maximum of up to 12 scenes allowed.

File types

All images should be PNG or JPG files

Previewing your scenes

You can preview how the scenes you've selected will appear when stitched together during path selection:

For more information on uploading a custom map, including best practices for selecting scenes, please see this article or watch this video:

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