Connecting Samsung Health to MoveSpring with Withings Health Mate

If you’ve already read our guide for Samsung Health users and have decided you’d like to try to connect your Samsung Health data to MoveSpring using the Withings Health Mate app, you’re in the right place!

MoveSpring cannot guarantee that Withings Health Mate will accurately and reliably sync steps to Samsung Health. As your data is being transferred between a few different apps (Samsung Health > Withings Health Mate > MoveSpring), it is possible that some data will get lost along the way. MoveSpring can only sync the steps, distance, and active minutes data showing in your Withings account.

Follow the steps below to set up the connection from Samsung Health to Withings Health Mate:

  1. Download Withings Health Mate for free from the Google Play Store and create an account there.

  2. From your Profile tab in the Withings Health Mate app, scroll down to the Apps section and select Samsung Health:

3. Select Activate to begin importing data from Samsung Health into Withings Health Mate. Make sure the Steps toggle is turned on and that you’ve enabled All permissions for Samsung Health. Your data from Samsung Health should now import into Withings Health Mate.

4. Once your Samsung Health data is showing in Withings Health Mate, follow the steps here to connect your Withings account to MoveSpring.

5. Steps should now sync from Samsung Health > Withings Health Mate > MoveSpring. Learn how to sync your Withings account to MoveSpring here.

Withings Health Mate Support

MoveSpring cannot guarantee that the connection from Samsung Health to Withings Health Mate will reliably sync. We can only sync the steps, distance, and active minutes data that are showing in the Withings account you’ve connected to MoveSpring.

If you need assistance with Withings Health Mate, please refer to this Withings help article for troubleshooting partner apps, or please contact their support team at

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