Edit a user's daily activity up to 30 days back in the admin center

As an admin for your organization's MoveSpring account, you will have the option to edit a user's daily activity data up to 30 days back from the admin center. You will be able to update 3 forms of activity:

  • Device activity* - Data synced from a user's connected device

  • Manual activity - Data added via manual activity entry

  • Converted activity - Data added via the activity converter

A user's daily activity reflects a combination of device activity plus any manual and converted activities. Learn how to edit each type of activity below.

*Note: If a user has not synced a device, no device activity will be available to edit. Please add a manual activity to add activity data.

How to edit user activity data

  1. Select Users from the top navigation bar

2. Locate the user you want to edit and click here to open up their User Overview:

3. From the User Overview, select the Daily Activity tab:

4. From the Daily Activity tab, you'll be able to view and edit the user's daily activity data for the past 30 days. Select the edit icon to edit a user's daily activity:

5. An Activity Summary window will open, and at the top, you'll see a user's Total Activity, which reflects a combination of device activity, manual activity, and converted activity.

6. Scroll down to access the options to edit device activity and add/remove manual and converted activities. To edit device activity, select the blue Edit button, enter the updated activity data, and select the green Save button to save the updates:

7. To add a manual activity, enter an activity name along with the associated steps, distance, and minutes.* Press Add + to save your updates.

*If you're adding data for a full day's worth of activity, you can name the activity by using the date. E.g. "3/11/22"

8. To remove a manual or converted activity, select the red Delete button and confirm by selecting Yes, Delete:

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