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Why Can I No Longer Connect My Misfit Device?
Why Can I No Longer Connect My Misfit Device?

Unfortunately Misfit is no longer sending data to MoveSpring, so MoveSpring users can no longer connect to or sync from Misfit devices.

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Update on Misfit devices

Unfortunately, as of spring 2023, Misfit abruptly shut their system down, including ending support for their website and API. Without support for Misfit's API, which previously allowed MoveSpring to sync your activity data into your MoveSpring account and challenges, Misfit devices will no longer sync to MoveSpring. We have also removed the option to connect a Misfit device moving forward.

What if I had a Misfit device connected to my account?

If you had a Misfit device connected to your MoveSpring account, that device has been removed as of April 10, 2023. You will need to connect a new device to participate in future challenges in MoveSpring.

How else can I participate in MoveSpring challenges?

You can still participate in challenges by connecting an alternate device to sync from. If you do not have another fitness tracker, you can use your phone as your fitness tracker with the Apple Health app for iPhones or the Google Fit app for Android phones.

If enabled for your organization, another alternative would be to use manual activity entry, which allows you to enter totals directly into MoveSpring. If your Misfit device can still track your activity data, you can use manual activity entry to add your totals directly into MoveSpring.


For any questions, please contact our support team. Happy stepping!

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