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Learn how to create and manage Wellness Calendar events in your client account, including event categories, tracking event RSVPs, and more

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What is the Wellness Calendar?

The MoveSpring Wellbeing Calendar is a feature that allows you to display and manage company events right in the MoveSpring app. From the MoveSpring Admin Center, you’ll be able to add events across six event categories and manage attendee RSVPs.

The calendar is a mobile-only feature and can be viewed in the end-user app from the MoveSpring dashboard via the hamburger menu.

The Wellbeing Calendar is available on the Pro and Ultimate plans.

Accessing the Wellbeing Calendar Tab

The Wellbeing Calendar tab allows admins to create and manage Wellbeing Calendar events from the MoveSpring Admin Center. To access this tab, please log into the Admin Center and select Calendar from the side navigation menu:

All events within your client account’s Wellbeing Calendar for current, upcoming, and past months will appear in the Wellness Calendar tab. To view past events, select the Past Events toggle.

Use the arrows at the bottom to navigate between each page to view additional events, or click into an event to view details, edit, or delete the event. You'll also have the option to create a new event from this page.

Creating a new event

1. To create a new event for your Wellbeing Calendar, select the green Create event button in the upper-righthand corner:

2. Next, set your Event details. Customize your event name, description, and photo. You will also be able to label your event by choosing one of six event categories.The categories are meant to help with organizing your events on your calendar.

We’ve outlined some ideas for each category below, but please keep in mind that this is not intended to be an exclusive list of events you can include.

  • Benefits - A benefit event is used to notify and educate users on important benefit-related events in an organization. This can include open-enrollment or timelines for registering for specific benefits.

  • Challenge - A challenge event notifies the user of a published upcoming or current public challenge in their MoveSpring client account. You will not be able to manually create a challenge event — a challenge event will appear automatically on the calendar for any public challenges created in your client account. Users can also join the challenge directly from the calendar event.

  • Community Event - A community event is a virtual or in-person event hosted by the organization. Events can be social, educational, health & wellness-related, or just for fun.

  • Survey - A survey event details the timeframe a user has to complete a survey administered by your organization.

  • Wellness Spotlight - Wellness Spotlights are nationally or internationally recognized health observance dates, weeks, or months dedicated to raising awareness about important health topics.

  • Other - The other category allows you to add and customize other events and notifications that don’t neatly fit into any of the above categories. Examples include: company holidays, important company initiatives, or safety training.

3. Select an event action, if desired. You have a choice of one of two event actions that you can set up for your event.

  • RSVP - Select the RSVP button to enable users to RSVP for your event directly in the MoveSpring app. Users that RSVP’d to an event can be viewed in-app, on the event dashboard under the RSVP tab, or via reporting.

Custom link - Link out to a webpage of your choice from your event with a custom call to action link. Select the Custom link button and enter your call to action URL and text. URLs must begin with https://.

Please note: You will only be able to select one event action per event.

4. Set your event duration. Click on the first date and then the last date of the event. If this is a one day event, you will need to select the date twice. Your selected start and end dates will appear once selected on the calendar.

  • Not sure of an exact date for your upcoming event? Simply set the Date is TBD toggle to on, and select a month and year from the dropdown menu instead. You can always edit the event at a later time to add your determined date.

5. Select the green "Finish" button to confirm your challenge details and create your event! Events will be visible immediately from the end-user app.

Viewing and editing events


You can view more details about a published event by clicking on the event name, as shown here:

Once you've selected an event, you'll be brought to the event overview page. You'll see the event name at the top of your screen, the options to edit details or delete the event, and your event’s description, image, category, duration, and RSVP or call to action settings (if enabled).

Viewing Past Events

You can view past events by toggling from Active Events to Past Events. You'll be able to view a past event's category, title, event dates, and whether RSVP was enabled. You can view RSVPs for past events by pulling a Calendar Event RSVPs Report from the Reporting tab in the admin center.

Edit and Delete

You can edit an event by selecting the Edit details button at the top right of this screen. Select Finish to save any updates made.

To delete an event, select the Delete event button and confirm by selecting the red Yes, Delete button.

Viewing RSVPs and Reporting

You’re able to view attendees that have RSVP’d for your events in two ways: via the Admin Center and via reporting. Please note that RSVP responses can be updated by users at any time until the event start time, so check in on your RSVPs regularly for the most up-to-date information.

Both of the following methods will allow you to generate a Calendar Event RSVPs Report.

Viewing RSVPs in the Admin Center

1. To view RSVPs directly in the MoveSpring Admin Center, go to the Calendar Tab and select the event you’d like to view. From the Event Dashboard, toggle to view the RSVPs tab as shown here:

2. The RSVP tab will show you users that have responded to the RSVP, including their self-reported full name name, email address, date/ time of RSVP, location, and whether they are attending or not attending. You also have the option to download the Calendar Event RSVPs Report directly from this view by selecting the green Download .csv of attendees button:

Viewing RSVPs via Reporting

1. To access reporting in the MoveSpring admin center, click on Reporting from the side navigation bar as shown here:

2. On the left of the Reporting page, you'll see the types of reports you can pull. Scroll down to Engagement Reports and select the Calendar Event RSVPs report. Select the green Run Calendar Event RSVPs Report button to open the dialogue box.

3. Select the event for which you want to run the report, optionally name your report, and select the green Run Report button.

4. After pulling a report, you should receive a notification that your report is complete at the bottom of the page. You can also access reports you've pulled from the 'Completed Reports' tab.


Please contact our support team for more help. Happy event planning!

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